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TecHero Roofing is the #1 roofing company in Encino, CA, in Los Angeles. We are a locally owned and family-operated company in the San Fernando Valley that provides quality roofing services throughout Los Angeles, CA.

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We offer free inspections and are fully bonded and insured. Our contractors are licensed through the California State Licensing Board, and our company holds a C-39 license.
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Our Encino Roofing Services

TecHero has served Encino and others in Los Angeles County for over 30 years. Many of our independent contractors have been working with us for over ten years and have completed a wide variety of roofing projects. Every contractor is trained and certified to work with a variety of surface types. We specialize in asphalt shingles but can replace other materials, including tile and shingle roofs.


We provide a high level of customer service for all residential home improvement projects. Our TecHero contractors have been trained to install your roof without cutting corners. Our team of contractors has installed thousands of roofs over the many years our company has been serving Encino and other homes in Los Angeles, CA. We treat every project with professionalism to guarantee you are happy with the work you pay for a new roof.

⦁ Roof inspections
⦁ New commercial
⦁ Repairs
⦁ Leak repairs
⦁ Torch Down
⦁ Slurry coat
⦁ Debris removal
⦁ Solar panel removal and reset
⦁ Solar panel cleaning
⦁ Gutter service and cleaning
⦁ Certification
⦁ Emergency tarping


Businesses are just as likely to need repair and replacement services as houses. A new roof installation goes a long way in finances and customer satisfaction, so don’t wait until you have a serious issue like a leaky roof to call us. We work on small and large-scale commercial buildings in Los Angeles, CA. We know how important your roof’s longevity is to your business. Your services contractor will cover all the details about the technology and materials that best meet the needs of your business and budget. The material you choose to protect your commercial property will play an integral role in its longevity paired with the weather, environmental, foliage factors, and more.


Our roof installation in Encino, CA, provides quality work in a timely manner. Every contractor on our team will ask more than a few questions to guarantee you are getting the service you deserve.
We install skylights and silicone roll-on painting for flat roofs on houses in Los Angeles, CA, which helps extend the roof’s life and makes it more energy efficient. Other roofing companies don’t work with silicone roll-on or peel and stick methods. But we believe that peel and stick is a strong and attractive granule surface, adhering membrane designed to be installed directly onto the roof deck or underlayment. This helps you cut back on labor costs and can be installed by a single contractor.

Look no further and contact a project manager at TecHero for a free inspection before getting started on the replacement details.

Quality Repairs and Replacements

Every year in Los Angeles, CA, homeowners experience unexpected damage from storms, fires, high winds, burst pipes, and even vandalism to their homes. They need fast roof replacements to protect their assets from break-ins and worsening damage.
Our team repairs:
⦁ Wind damage
⦁ Fire damage
⦁ Tree branch damage
⦁ Vandalism
Our roof damage specialists can help you navigate material costs and insurance claims for your replacement. We work with HOA and management companies for any emergency installation.

Preventative Maintenance Done Right

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