How to Tell If I Have Wind Damage to My Roof

High winds are notorious for hitting homes, buildings, and the environment hard, leaving unpredictable damage in their wake. If high winds can tear trees down, you can imagine what they might do to your roof.

If you can see damage to your roof, you’ll want to get in touch with roofers in Simi Valley as soon as possible. But first, you’ll need to be acquainted with the signs of damage so you know what to look for.

Below, we’ll look at some of the types of damage caused by high winds, how to spot the signs, and what you can do if you find damage.

Types of Damaged Caused

The Santa Ana winds in California are notorious for their high speed and destructive power. There are a few different types of damage that high winds can cause to your Simi Valley roofing. The damage is most common with wind speeds above 75 mph but even speeds as low as 45 mph can bring trouble.

Lower wind speeds can loosen shingles. This allows water to get into the gaps between loose shingles and start to corrode the surface of your roof. Higher wind speeds can remove shingles altogether, particularly if they have already been loosened over time.

High winds can cause debris such as trees and other objects to strike your roof and cause structural damage. This can lead to water damage inside your home.

If you think your roof has been damaged due to high winds, get in touch with roofers in Simi Valley. They’ll be able to assess the extent of the damage and advise on necessary repairs.

Signs of Roof Damage

Here’s how to check for some of the common signs that high winds have damaged your Simi Valley roofing:

  • First, inspect the outside of your roof for any shingles that look out of place or missing. If they look like they have moved, it could be that high winds dislodged them.
  • You may have to clear debris from the top of your roof to get a fuller picture of whether there is any damage.
  • Also, have a look at the inside of your roof from inside your loft. If you can spot moisture or water, that could be the sign of a leak coming from the roof.

If you do spot any of these warning signs, we recommend speaking to Simi Valley roofers sooner rather than later — the longer you wait, the higher the chances of damage developing and the greater the potential repair costs involved.

How to Tackle Roof Wind Damage

If your Simi Valley roofing has been affected by high winds, don’t worry. it is possible to get roof repair in Simi Valley.

Speak to roofers in Simi Valley to get your roof checked out. Simi Valley roofers have years of experience and expertise to pinpoint the problem with your roof and find a solution to repair it quickly and effectively.

Simi Valley roofers can also organize a drone inspection, in which they send a drone around your roofing to inspect it thoroughly and look for damage.

Final Thoughts

Remember, even if you think you know what’s going on with your roofing, it’s always best to speak to a roofer in Simi Valley. You may need some small repairs due to recent wind damage, but a small investment now can save you from worse living conditions and more expensive costs down the road.