Roof Repairs through Insurance

Every year TecHero Roofing does a good share of roof repairs in Los Angeles and Ventura County. During our encounter with homeowners who have roof damage the question does come up, “Will my insurance cover the repairs you will be performing on our roof?”

The answer really depends on the type of roof damage it is and what caused it. If you are repairing your home roof due to age, wear, and tear most likely your doing the repairs needed to pro-long the roof lifetime or simply doing a roof tune-up to protect the home. Insurance does not cover repairs that from age, wear, and tear. If you ever find yourself having to file a roof claim with your insurance carrier they will take into account the age, condition, and repairs or tune-ups you have done in the past.

Now if a tree falls on your house and causes damage that is covered. If a fire breaks out and burns part of the roof, it is covered. If someone vandalized your home, jumped on the roof, and sprays graffiti that is also covered. If heavy rain comes in which causes a leak in your home is it covered? Probably not! Now let’s say it’s raining and heavy winds come in that causes your home to lose some shingles this may be covered.

What it comes down to is the condition of the roof and the age of your family roof. How was it installed? Was it installed properly and still have roof life or was the roof in need of replacement and because of negligence damage was created to the inside of the home like a water leak that could have been prevented?

If a hurricane hits your home you are probably covered. We do live in Southern California so let’s face it that is probably not going to happen. An earthquake will probably hit us before a hurricane. Now earthquake insurance will cover a roof and much more. Without the proper insurance policy, you can be missing out on the coverage you deserve during a loss.

In conclusion please read up on your policy and when renewing it ask what is covered and what are the exclusions. Sometimes paying a little more will give you and your family protection from recovering from an unforeseen loss. Take care of your roof!  do not neglect or wait for an interior roof leak to get the family home roof repaired or replaced. When in doubt of what is needed please contact TecHero Roofing or your local roofer for a roof inspection. A simple inspection and repair can save you from having to deal with bigger problems.