Roof Pipe Repair

A very common problem with older roofs is finding unsealed pipes that have cracked between the PVC pipe and the metal boot around the base also known as pipe flashing. The pipe is covered with a metal base to protect it from water entering the home and compromising the roofing system.

If you see the picture on this post we circled in red where the gap is between the PVC pipe and the metal flashing around it. This is area that water can get into when it rains. The water runs down the PVC pipe of the roof and gets into the home since the metal flashing is not sealed. To avoid this type of headache it is important to check the pipes and do a full roof inspection annually. At the very least every couple of years. Once water gets into your home it can cost thousands of dollars on interior repairs that could be avoided by servicing your roof. We live in Los Angeles and Ventura County where it doesn’t rain much but when it does we get a good share of water. 

TecHero Roofing does roof repairs and sealing the pipes is one of them. We remove old mastic around the pipe and pipe boot, re-seal between the gap, add a special adhesive cloth to protect the pipes from the heat, and also spray paint the pipes to look like new. Homeowners are happy to see the difference in our before and after pictures. If you have not had your roof inspected we highly recommend you do so to prevent costly repairs in the future.