Solar Panel removal to Install new Roof in Simi Valley

TecHero Roofing Inc. who does Simi Valley Roofing has certified electricians that assist our Roofing Contractors in Simi Valley with all needs solar. Here are 30 panels that needed to be removed for a new roof install by our roofer in Simi Valley. The homeowner had a leak coming from one of the solar brackets. Not only did they have a leak, their roof was also in bad shape with blown shingles from the winds. Today our roofers in Simi Valley removed all the solar panels with approval from Tesla. Since we are bonded, licensed, and insured Tesla granted us permission to touch the leased panels. The new roof will be installed by city code and manufacture guidelines. Roof Repairs Simi Valley sometimes turns out to be a full roof replacement.

Homeowners even had some issues with some of the solar panels not performing right. We took lots of pictures of the solar panels, documented, tagged panels, and after we are done Tesla is coming out to swap them out. TecHero Roofing is proud roofing contractor in Simi Valley. We are grateful for the neighbors who we come across and are able to help by going above and beyond a service call. If you need a roof repair in Simi Valley or see that your roof might need to be serviced, give us a ring or shoot us a message. Our Roofers in Smi Valley are here to help you just as we did this homeowner with their solar panels and roof replacement.